More than delegates

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People coming to your event are more than delegates. They are this part of the family which are closest to you and your most special friends who you want to share the celebration of the love you feel with.

This people means a lot and will make that day valuable. Without them it doesn’t make sense ‘cause the celebration is about sharing with the loved ones your love and the decision to bring the relationship a step forward. It is for this reason that you organise the day around them, willing to share one of the most beautiful moments in your life.

If you and your guests are making the effort to move somewhere different than the place you live I would recommend you to take the time to help them to discover the region where you have decided to do it. Help them to discover the area and show them your reasons for doing it there. Why not organising day trips around to do some tourism? I am sure that most of them will come a few days before or will stay some days after the wedding to enjoy of some holiday time. Well there is your opportunity to surprise them. For example around Barcelona you can offer a city tour. You can also give it with special touch like organising a culinary experience. Why not visiting a local cellar? Or maybe doing some sports by the sea.

The options are infinite and can be more or less personalised. It is just a matter of thinking about it.

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