Be my Valentine

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We start this post with a picture from the famous photographer Robert Doisneau. Who had the virtue to take memorable pictures like the one we’ve chosen for this post featured image and who all of us have been able to enjoy of his work at some point in our life.

Robert Doisneau


Cupid on plane
Photo: Alamy


We want to offer you some ideas of things that can be done in Barcelona for Valentine’s Day. Lets fly around our proposals. Most of them are for restaurants. Next year we will try to create new experiences and hopefully we will create our own presents. Just keep an eye on us.



CHI-TON Souvenirs

Underground restaurants 

Try one of the clandestine restaurants in Barcelona. Many of them have been founded by reputable chefs who wanted to offer a new experience. An example of these restaurants is CHI-TON SOUVENIRS (Provença, 300 Barcelona). Apparently this store just offers souvenirs but with the password you have access to the restaurant. This is quite trendy now in the city!



Dans le noir

If you want to allow your senses emerge try this restaurant where you will be able to enjoy the meal as if you were blind. So use your sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing. To me it already sounds erotic…

Not sure if they offer table for 2 for Sant Valentine’s otherwise you will have to share the table.

Photo: ScottChasserot



Decorated as a jungle is a frenzy of Asia-inspired tapas, in which Ly Leap shows off his expertise with spices, citrus and aromatic herbs.


Photo: Rituels d’Orient

In case you prefer spending time together relaxing instead of dining a good option would be Rituels d’Orient. This little hammam spa will give you the time to relax together and spend quality time.

Another option would be Aire de Barcelona. This thermal bath is located in the city center and it surprises to find such a place in the middle of Barcelona.



Our little present for all of you is this song from Zaz (french singer). Hope you like the discovery for the ones don’t know her. Who know her enjoy the little present from Wedding You Barcelona


Happy Sant Valentine’s day! …and night

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