Need a Destination Wedding Planner?

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Recently we’ve heard about the concept of Destination Wedding Planner. In our society people are familiar with the concept of Wedding Planner which was developed in a previous post.

What is a Destination Wedding Planner?

This is a professional Wedding Planner that can organise your wedding wherever you want. Destination Wedding Planners can specialise in certain countries but they can work anywhere as their professionalism allows them to work anywhere in the world.

Wedding You Barcelona can create anything anywhere and are a serious Destination Wedding Planner. Our professionalism and knowledge of different countries have allowed us to organise events wherever our clients want. Either if you want us to organise a wedding away from your hometown or you want us to come to your country to do the job we will work with you to get your dream day come true.

When is it considered a Destination Wedding?

Whenever the wedding takes place over 160 Km (100 miles) away from where the bride currently lives, it will be considered a Destination Wedding. 

Why are people interested in organising a Destination Wedding?

There are multiple reasons but the most common ones are:

  • Personalise the wedding: there are couples that incredibly enjoy travelling and so getting married abroad makes a lot of sense. They will transmit that essence during the wedding.
  • Do something different: there are couples looking to do something different to what they’ve seen and going abroad with family and friends on a big family vacation are the biggest regard for them.
  • Weather conditions: people living in countries where the sun doesn’t show up much feel attracted by going to a sunny destination. Although the weather can’t be warranted this option gives you more chances than at home.
  • Enjoy of the closest family and friends members. This is a good way to make sure that people that you don’t want to come to your wedding they just will not make the effort.

What is your reason going to be?


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