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Whereas you are someone with a tough personality or not get ready because this day is going to be like a roller coaster.

It turns to be so intense that even if you do not expect it there is always something that touches your heart deep inside. It can be seeing a member of your family during the day, a gift, a letter, the ceremony, a surprise your friends have organised secretly for your,… There is always something!

These moments are the ones that will turn your special day into memorable.

Remember to enjoy the moment. Remember to squeeze the orange as much as you can ‘cause everything happens so fast that if you do not force yourself to enjoy it, by the time the event will be finished you won’t be able to go back.

Organising a wedding requires lots of effort, only who has gone through knows what I mean, so for you that are working on it right now allow me to give you a piece of advice: work very hard on it until the day before but on the day concentrate yourself on enjoying every single moment otherwise all the organisational efforts will be a waste.

Put your nerves aside and just keep yourself enjoying the time with your closest friends and family members.

If all what you’ve read before makes you feel anxious ask for help. A wedding planner can help you from the very beginning to organise everything and can be your person of reference. Or just during the day to take care of all the details you don’t want to worry about. At Wedding You Barcelona we are ready and willing to help you with all you need. Just let us know!

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