How many weddings do you coordinate one weekend?

Only one. Because the level of customer service we like to deliver is very high and personalised we are not able to take more than one wedding at the time. We will block ourselves for the time you and your guests will be in Barcelona. That means that if we cannot take any weddings the weekend before or after your special day we will do so.


Do you only organise weddings in Barcelona?

We organise weddings all over Catalonia but the event will take place where you feel confortable. So, if you want to plan your special day elsewhere we will also deliver the best service and will look for the perfect suppliers for you. Since we are not compromised with any suppliers we look for the solution that best suits you.


Do you charge commission to your suppliers for the weddings you organise? 

NO. The wedding isn’t about us, it is about you and your story. We don’t work for suppliers, we work for you, getting the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. So we look for the best solution to your needs instead of feeling forced to work with someone that doesn’t share the concept or idea. We always work for you because we believe the wedding should be about the individual couple and creating a wedding that matches their personality. That is what makes your wedding unique.


Who will be our contact?

Montse is always your person of contact. You won’t have to change your contact person or talk to different suppliers. Montse is the person who takes all the enquiries and looks for the best solution for you.


Can you help our guests with enquiries?

Of course. We will be very happy to assist them with any enquiry, either if it is regarding the wedding or their stay. We can help them with any activity, tickets or even surprises.