Do you want to marry me?

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After thinking about it, I wake up one day and decide that I am going to organise the engagement proposal to Alice.

I am in love, I like the way she smiles at me, her eyes, her passions, how much she hates tea, how much she enjoys playing guitar like me. We enjoy going out, we miss each other when we are a part,… there is not much to think really, she is my perfect match!

I want to take the opportunity that we are going on a trip to Barcelona to ask her to marry me. Due to the distance I find it complicated to get everything organised. I decide to contact a professional, Wedding You Barcelona has been recommended by a friend of mine who used their services and were very happy with them. They will help me getting everything sorted.

Barcelona View

My requirements for Wedding You Barcelona are: to find a location with a view, elegant and quiet. Alice enjoys visiting locations with a panoramic view when we travel and Barcelona is a place that offers many contrasts. This is how we end up organising the marriage proposal at the terrace of the Hotel 1898, with a photographer that will work discreetly at the beginning.

On Wednesday we arrive to Barcelona and everything is set for Thursday. Alice notices that I am nervous but she doesn’t ask many questions. Will she suspect something? It is expected nice weather so we are guaranteed it will be a sunny day.


Thursday finally arrives, I get up before her to get ready and leave the room before she can realise. On my pillow I leave a message that says: ‘I will be waiting for you at the Hotel 1898, someone is waiting for you at the reception’. We usually organise little surprises like this so she will smile when she reads the note.

I meet with Montse at the reception, she is the coordinator at Wedding You Barcelona, she will be in charge of taking Alice to our meeting point. I make my way there and I meet with our photographer, Gary is the photographer chosen. While we wait we take the opportunity to take some pictures. Shortly after I get the message saying they are on their way.

James waiting for Alice

When Alice arrives she smiles. I say, “surprise! Look that view”. We walk around the terrace and when I find is the best moment, I sit her down, kneel down and looking her in the eyes I ask: “Do you want to marry me?” she says: “What?!” I smile and ask again: “Do you want to marry me?” she emotionally replies: “Yes!”

James proposingAlice said Yes

I am delighted that everything has come up perfectly well. We’ve kept it simple but the most important thing is that Alice has been surprised.

Location: Hotel 1898
Wedding Planner and Production: Wedding You Barcelona
Photography: Gary Manrique
Make up: Maria Radio

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