I’m Montse, the author of Wedding You Barcelona and your wedding plannerAbout us

About me I can tell you that when I organised my wedding I was determined to offer something different to my family and friends and have a great time with them. Since that moment I have had in mind to help other couples to get the same result with their celebration. It ended up being a very special day where we all enjoyed of being together and it also was a personal satisfaction as people were very impressed and surprised. The sentence I liked the most was:

Congratulations it has been such a different wedding. I have never been in such wedding like yours!

I have long experience working in tourism and organising events offering proper qualification with a degree in tourism, I am native from Girona and travelling has always been a passion so I know the region, have knowledge of the resources and an understanding to pay attention to detail. We believe that the I CAN DO attitude is the clue of our success. Because customer service is very important to me in order to offer the best attendance is accepting a maximum number of projects. Like this I make sure that I can attend my clients requests.

With Wedding You Barcelona you will have the chance to give to your event your personal touch organising a tailor made wedding and also have the opportunity to choose the type of professional you want to work with from the search we will do for you or the ones you suggest. We do not offer exclusivity to our suppliers because we want to make sure that we are always able to deliver the highest standard and also work with the people you feel confortable with.

I live in Barcelona so if you are in the city we can meet in person. However, should the distance take us apart we will see us on the Internet.