Organising a wedding is not easy and is time consuming specially when you want to celebrate it abroad.

We are ready to offer you the most personalised and customized service. It doesn’t matter in what organizational stage you are or if you haven’t decided anything yet, not even the date. We can either assist you from the early days when you take the decision or when you only have few months ahead for the big day. We will organise a tailor made event taking care of every single detail as if it would be our own wedding. We will do that allowing you to explain what is most important for you, finding out some personal information. We can give you advise and guidance up until your wedding day. We truly believe that there is no standards and that everything is possible if it’s done on a thoughtful way.

Leave the stress down to us and enjoy the magical moment. There is no need for you to try to cope with your work agenda and organising your wedding abroad. Get involved in the extension you decide. Because we can also work around it together.

Remember, we can help you with the selection of the event space, the suppliers, the decoration, the music, the photographer, the wedding dress,… we will be very pleased to do so as we love what we do.