Saint George in Catalonia

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It is that time of the year when wherever you go in Catalonia you can find red roses EVERYWHERE. April 23rd is an incredibly romantic day for catalan society because they live it like their Valentine’s Day. The tradition is that men get a red rose to the person they love and women buy a book to their half orange.

The tradition of the rose comes from Saint George’s legend. It is said that a knight came to save the princess from the dragon, killing the beast. From the blood of the dragon a rose turn up and the knight gifted it to the princess.

On the other hand, the tradition of the book is to commemorate Shakespeare’s death, as he died on April 23rd from 1616. On 1995 Unesco declared that day World’s book day due to the catalan’s tradition.


The most spectacular thing is that on the 23rd of April, each year, all the streets of Catalonia get filled with roses and books. So it is a very special day to go for a walk around Ramblas, streets and restricted areas from villages and cities.

April 23rd turns out to be a very special day as well because there are many restricted buildings opened to the public like Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona or their city hall. Many writers are contracted by editorials or book stores in order to get all the books requested signed and get an approach to the public. Plenty of cultural activities are also organised for adults, families and children.

For this current Saint George Casa Batlló is organising an incredible proposal and all the roses they will sell they will offer it as a donation to Arrels Foundation.


As you can see Casa Batlló is ready for Saint George and their incredible initiative #mésqueunarosa.

Casa Batlló gets ready for #santjordi2016 with an incredible proposal #mésqueunarosa

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Like many people we will go on the streets of Barcelona. So, pay attention to our social network as we’ll keep you posted on what’s going on tomorrow…

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