This service has been designed to have a selection of activities for your family and friends. Guests usually don’t come to Barcelona just for the wedding, they also spend a few days in the area.

We are delighted to give them any kind of assistance they might need. We want to make sure that you and your guests feel comfortable. So with they will have someone they can rely on.

Whereas if you want to organise a set of activities for your guests to be entertained or you want to offer them a trustworthy contact we will be happy to help them. We also have experience and knowledge in order to give them the best solutions.

The options are endless, from a tour around Barcelona, to a visit to Montserrat, a wine tasting in a wine cellar, swimming with tuna fish, scuba diving, tickets for a football match, racing with a car at the Circuit de Catalunya, enjoying the views from a hot air balloon,…

If what your guests need a transfer from the airport or a spa treatment we will organise it for them as well.