Butterfly bride

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This featured picture from our weekly post is very suitable for what we want to talk about this time. Because we believe that things have to work in harmony. By all means, at Wedding You Barcelona we truly believe that in a wedding all the suppliers have to work together and assist each other and not only taking care of their own parcel. Working as a team will deliver the best service you can ever imagine. We have decided to name this week’s article ‘Butterfly Bride’ because of this white butterfly that introduces the topic we want to develop. In the following lines you have a very good example of team work, being considerate with environment and taking details into consideration. 

Colonial real state together with World Nature Foundation have created a magical space, it is the first butterflies reserve developed in a privately own area in Spain. The project has been executed by Marc Grañen together with Simbiosi Estudi de Paisatgisme. These landscapers have the ability to turn an empty area into something magical with plenty of sense around a concept. They can either do small projects or big ones. We are able to give faith of that since they have been able to do many various jobs like the exhibition at ‘Temps de Flors’ in Girona which was the most spectacular exhibition this year from all the options presented. They are also very versatile as they can decorate shows, events, create vertical gardens,… anything imaginable.

The whole idea is a fantastic concept which pretends to give space to this fragile animal, the butterfly. With all the plants Marc Grañen and Simbiosi Estudi de Paisatgisme have selected the local biodiversity of this species will be attracted. So, the plants have been selected in order to attract and give aliment to the different range of butterflies. This is something we find fascinating as we make of a private area a natural reserve to give space to a sometimes forgotten animal as it is the butterfly.

Butterflies park

All the idea has been developed by World Nature Foundation, a non-profit organisation that ensures protection to nature and wildlife. Together with the company Colonial.

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