Always have a ‘plan B’ in place

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This week I want to talk about an experience, a reflection that I’ve done after something happened. It is something that although we all know and find quite obvious we all make the mistake of giving the final decision to our clients.

Basically this Saturday in Barcelona it rained cats and dogs. We’ve had a very strange day as rain went on and off during all day long and there were some moments during the day that is was so sunny that was difficult to believe that few hours ago had been raining so heavily.

Car under rain

Well… as you can imagine in Barcelona now is the high season for weddings and the couples that got married on Saturday experienced this uncomfortable climatology. As you can imagine if the celebration was outdoors it was very important to have a plan ‘B’ in place.

Unfortunately not everybody accepts a plan ‘B’ although the professionals recommendation. We’ve had a wedding where the bride was so optimistic that her wedding day was going to be sunny that refused to accept the plan ‘B’. She didn’t want to take an extra marquee because she truly believed the weather forecast was not correct. She was very optimistic and denied any alternative because she truly wanted the event to run the way she imagined it.

Here is when our professionalism has to put our feet down and make sure that our clients listen to us. Because there are many things at stake. The confort of all the guests coming to the event; the tranquility of the couples to have everything covered and avoid nervousness on that day; decoration, food and beverage and the personnel stability for the event; and our own reputation. Things have to be organised in order to offer confort and think about all the attendees at the event. It is basic to offer an alternative, at least to take into consideration a couple of days previous to the event, getting the information of the weather forecast. With the technology we have nowadays we are able to get accurate information, and there is no need of taking those kind of risks. As you know ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

We don’t have many rainy days in Spain but we still have. Depending on the area it rains more than others but in general, although you can count more on the sun than in many other countries, it is still something we cannot request, order or count on for sure.

So, in conclusion, make sure you have everything covered and all the options contemplated. Brides… if you hire a professional wedding planner, listen to what they say and their experience.

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