The shortest night of the year

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On the 23rd June every year in Spain is a big party. This festivity dates from 1928 the earliest. In some areas more than others, but for example in Barcelona is a big celebration.

What does people celebrate?

At the beginning it started as a pagan religious celebration. But nowadays people celebrate the beginning of the summer, it is also the shortest night of the year and in general we celebrate the good weather and the long daylight hours.

How is it celebrated?

People get together with their friends and organise a good supper. In our case we had a barbecue this year. We hanged at a friends place where adults prepared everything for dinner while children played with firecrackers. Something that everybody has as a desert is ‘Coca de San Juan’ which is a sweet bread with custard cream.

Different destinations organise a big fireworks exhibition like Sitges, Platja d’Aro,… Those two are very special as it gives the impression that the fireworks come out from the water.


However, the most representative element on that night are bonfires. The bonfires are particularly popular in the catalan-speaking areas.


Is it a good time to celebrate our wedding?

Indeed! In fact there are many local couples that organise their wedding around this date. Either the 23rd which is the ‘Berbena de San Juan’ or the 24th. This year has been a long weekend as the 24th is a Bank Holiday and allowed to organise a long weekend wedding.

This is a very loud night but also very authentic and special.

The good thing about Spain which captivates us is its diversity. It is impressive that such small country can offer so many differences from north to south and east to west.

We can’t wait to show you and become your planner if you ever decide to bring your event here.

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